How to set up user groups


For enterprises with hundreds of users, User Groups help to keep an overview of the users and kiosks they are assigned to.

Organize your users in Users Groups and assign 1 or more kiosks to that group so that all the members of that group have access to the kiosk.

You as a manager will than be able to manage that group of users.

Step1: Create your user group
Go to users & select the user group icon in the toolbar

You can now add a user group. Press the "+" sign.

For convenience, we will name the user group ' User Group A'

Click submit and the group will be created:

Step2: Add users/ members to the group.
You can add users manually or ingest a list of users automatically.

2.1 Add users manually to a user group
Select the group and press the members icon in the toolbar.

Select the users you want to assign to the group and press submit

2.2 Ingest a list of users automatically to a user group
Select the user group and press the ingest users icon in the toolbar

Next you need to create your list of users and use the document key to ingest them automatically.
These are the exact same steps that you need to do for ingesting users 

Basically you copy and paste the Document Key in the in the field requested by the admin. 

The Document key looks something like this:

The link to the ingest sheet can be found here. Please make a copy of the document before adding your users.

When ready, all users will be added to the group automatically:

You can also add new users directly in the group. Press "Add User" and provide the email address and password.

Step3: Assign a kiosk to your group or your group to a kiosk

1. Assign a kiosk to your user group

Now you've created a group of users, we want to assign a kiosk to it.
Go to kiosk & select the one you want the group to be assigned to & press "User Groups" :

A list of your user groups will be shown, select the group that you want to assign & press submit.

2. Assign your user group to a kiosk.

Press the kiosk button and select the kiosk(s) where you want to assign your group to.

When completed, You'll be able to manage your users from the group.


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