How to create a survey for a product launch


In this case we will create a survey for our pharmaceutical company Medicure. They have a new product called 'CardiX', solving general cardio problems. But before putting a lot of time and money into the deployment, they want to know how to target and how they should marketing this product.

For that we will create a survey, using the PowerPoint Plugin of d!NK that you can install right here.

The case: Medicure launches a new product (CardiX)

Before creating the survey, they need to analyse what they want as an end result. This will save a lot of time during the creation.

What they want to know:

- General information about the person filling in the survey.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • eMail
  • Company
  • Occupation

- A global idea of the position of CardiX.

  • Whether the market is big enough (interesting idea or not)
  • Why people would use the product (simplicity, price, ratings..)
  • Where they would buy the product (internet, pharmacist..)
  • What price the patient would pay for the product.
  • How many of the people filling in the survey have ever experienced cardio problems.

- Have all details in a PDF overview to be send to different email addresses immediately.

Creating the survey

Requesting general information, using

  1. Open Questions 
  2. Dropdown

1. Creating an open question. 


An "Input validator" is shown because we have chosen to make the question mandatory:

We create all the questions: 


2. Creating a Dropdown

We need a Dropdown to let the user select a type of occupation. Select the "Multiple choice" function > "Dropdown" > activate "Mandatory question".

To finish the first slide, we need to have a link to the next page.

1. Create the button:

Go to insert > Shapes > select the triangle shape.


2. Add a link to the button:

Select the button shape > Insert > hyperlink > in this document > choose the desired slide

The input validator

Drag & drop the input validator on top of the button. This will check if all mandatory questions are answered.

How it looks:

Create a slider rating bar

We want the user to slide to the price he/she would want to pay for the product.
Press the slider rating bar function.

The default colors for sliders are red & black.

Change the colors to fit in the design.

Select the slider or handler > format > background color > pick another color. (F.e. Blue)

How it looks:

Create a linked multiple survey:

Click the multiple choice function > Single option checkboxes >select 'Linked Survey' > Link to a slide

Create the summary slide

To finish, we want a summary slide with all the previously fetched answers. 
Select the fetch value function > press the dropdown > select the desired label.

Create the submit button
We need a submit button in order to capture all the data & to generate a PDF from the last slide.

Select the "submit button"

Because we've selected "make it transparent", we need to create a button and drag & drop the "hotzone" on top of that:

How it looks:

Pressing the Submit button will generate a PDF attached to an email, ready to be sent:

You can download the full PowerPoint here 


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