How to create a survey for a product launch Part I


In this case we will create a survey for our Pharmaceutical company Medicure. They have a new product called 'CardiX', solving general cardio problems. But before putting a lot of time & money into the deployment, they want to know how to target and how they should marketing this product.

For that we will create a survey, using the PowerPoint Plugin of d!NK.

The case: Medicure launches a new product (CardiX)

Before creating the survey, they need to analyse what they want as an end result. This will save a lot of time during the creation.

What the want know:
- General information about the person filling in the survey.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • eMail
  • Company
  • Occupation

- A global idea of the position of CardiX.
Therefor they prepare the following questions:

  • Whether the market is big enough (interesting idea or not)
  • Why people would use the product (simplicity, price, ratings..)
  • Where they would buy the product (internet, pharmacist..)
  • What price the patient would pay for the product.
  • How many of the people filling in the survey have ever experienced cardio problems.

- Have all details in a PDF overview to be send to different email addresses immediately.

Creating the survey:

Requesting general information, using open questions & a dropdown.

Creating an open question. 


An input validator is shown because we have selected the question to be mandatory:

We create all the questions: 


Creating a dropdown.
We need a dropdown to let the user select a type of occupation.

Select the multiple choice function > Dropdown > select mandatory

To finish the first slide, we need to have a link to the next page.
Create the button

Go to insert > Shapes > select the triangle shape.


Add a link to the button

Select the button shape
Insert > hyperlink > in this document > choose the desired slide

The input validator

Drag & drop the input validator on top of the button.
This will check if all mandatory questions are answered.

How it looks:


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