How to create a survey for a product launch Part II


Create a slider rating bar

We want the user to slide to the price he/she wants to pay for the product.
Press the slider rating bar function.

The default colors for sliders are red & black.

Change the colors to fit in the design.

Select the slider or handler > format > background color > pick another color. (F.e. Blue)

 How it looks:

Create a linked multiple survey:

Click the multiple choice function > Single option checkboxes >select 'Linked Survey' > Link to a slide

Create the summary slide
To finish, we want a summary slide with all the previously fetched answers.

Select the fetch value function > press the dropdown > select the desired label.

Create the submit button
We need a submit button in order to capture all the data & to generate a PDF from the last slide.

Select submit button.

Because we've selected "make transparent", we need to create a button and drag & drop the "hotzone" on top of that:

How it looks

Pressing the Submit button will generate a PDF attached to an email, ready to be sent:

You can download the full PowerPoint here 


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