How to use the select hot zone function


With the select hot zone function, you can place hotzones on top of images. The selected hotzones will change from color and the selection will be registered.

  1. Create a Label to define the right hotzone ID. The Excel label will be generated automatically - to register the selected hotzone.
  2. Image behind hotzones*: Select the relevant image.
  3. Size of image: Define the right width & height of the image
  4. Color of hotzone*: Define the color for a selected and an unselected hotzone. You can also select "transparant" so that you can trigger an event (go to a specific slide or write data to database) without the customer knowing that this is because the user clicked on a specific area in the publication.
  5. Hotzone values: Define all the hotzone values. This can be numbers, letters, words. Whatever you want to capture on the image.


Position the Hotzones.
You can drag & drop the hotzones to the desired position.


Result in the app



The head & feet hot zones will be registered in the survey results:




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