Using the select hot zone function


With the select hot zone function, you indicate specific zones on images.
The selected hotzones will change color and the selection will be registered.

Click on 'Select Hot Zone' in the menu bar: 


So that a pop-up appears to setup your hotzone element: 


  1. Enter a 'Display Label' to give the element a unique naming.

  2. Select the relevant image.

  3. Define the right width & height of the displayed image.

  4. Choose the color for a selected and an unselected hotzone.
    You can also select 'Transparant' so that you can trigger an event (go to another slide or write data to the database) without the customer knowing that this is because they clicked on a specific area in the publication.

  5. Enter all hotzone values. These values can be numbers, letters, words. Whatever you want to capture on the image.


After clicking 'Create' you can position the hotzones on your slide as wanted. You can drag and drop the hotzones to any desired position.


Result in the app



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