How to install Gdrive locally on your computer?


We strongly advice all the content producers (=people who will be creating / organizing the content) to install Gdrive locally on their computers.

For keeping large file structures syncronised with d!nk, the integration with Google Drive is very convenient: you only need to copy the files to the right folder and the d!nk sync will make sure the files are avaailalbe in the Portfolio Manager and the apps of users (here's the detailed tutorial).

Although we provide our own tutorial below, you can always find the installation guide of Google here.

  1. Go to the download page of Google Drive
  2. Press the blue install button and choose your device.
  3. Select accept & install to start installing the Google Drive


When the installation is completed, you can login with your Google ID to start syncing your files. If you don't have any files on Google Drive, than the folder will remain empty.

The Google Drive folder will be in your folder structure, as presented below. Simply drag and drop files to push them to the app. Here we go a little bit further in managing your Google Drive

If you don't have a Google ID. You can connect your company email address with Google here.




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