My PowerPoint size exceeds the file size maximum. What can I do?


You won't be able to publish a PDF, video or interactive .d!nk file, if it's exceeds the 250MB limit or 120 MB limit for videos.

To solve this, we have a few tips & tricks:

  • Video's: There are lot's of free tools to convert your video & to reduce the resolution. Handbrake & Miro are 2 examples of them.

  • PDF: Next to Adobe PDF converter, you can also try out this free online tool.

  • Images: Compress all your images in 1 click. When you are using graphics from agencies that where designed for printing, you may want to compress them to use in your iPad. Otherwise you'll have needlessly big resolution images in your presentation.

    Select a picture in your presentation > Format > in the adjust tab press "compress Pictures" > uncheck the "apply only to this picture" > select 150ppi.
  • Interactive .d!nk files:

    1. Crop your images to decrease the file size of PowerPoint:
    If your PowerPoint exceeds the limit of 250MB, you need to reduce or crop the images in the PowerPoint and make sure all video's have a normal file size. You can use a free programme to easily change the size of a video here.

    2. Change the create settings from iPad Retina.
    As default the d!NK creation is set to iPad Retina, change this to iPad to decrease your file size. Take into account that this will also decrease your image quality.

    3. Remove special effects on images to decrease your file size:
    Make sure you don't use special effects on your images; like rounded corners or 3D. If this is the case, you need save the image with the effect from PowerPoint and insert them again.

    Right click the image >Save as Picture

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