I receive an error after creating my PowerPoint file.


If you receive an error message when creating the .d!NK file from your PowerPoint presentation, this can be due several settings.

This is the technical procedure for what's happening when pressing the 'create' button in PowerPoint:

  1. On your computer, where you saved the Plug-in. The folder "dink_template" is created. This folder includes the total setting of your publication.

  2. When the creation is complete, this folder is converted to a .zip file

  3. When this is successfull it's being parsed to a .dink file.

  4. The .dink file is seved to a location/folder of your choice. For example; we recommend a synced Google drive folder.

  5. When everything is completed the folder "dink_template" is deleted automatically.


An error could occur because of some privacy or restriction settings.
If IT has disabled the creation of the "dink_template" folder, than the full procedure can not be completed, this will cause an error message.


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