How to use create order forms with Product List and Result Summary function


The "List components" function enables you to easily create your own order forms & summary of products. These elements are part of the extended version of the powerpoint plugin

The function consists of 2 parts

  1. The Product List
  2. Result Summary

1) The shopping cart function

First go the the d!NK toolbar and press the Shop Cart icon.

The following screen will appear:

Fill in the necessary fields to create your order form or shop:

  • Name of the shop
  • Check if the name of the shop should be displayed
  • Press the 'Add item' to add a row
  • Press the 'Add static Column' to add a static column
  • Press the 'Add free input Column' to add a free input column
  • Check if you want to add a price and/or discount column.

To finalize, press create.

- Use the X to delete a row or column
- Use the arrows to position your rows or columns

When filling in the desired fields & adding the right columns, you could have something like this:

 Press create to see the result of these settings:

Now you have created your shopping cart, you can continiue with the 2nd function (cart summary)

2) The Result Summary function

This function will create a summary of the shop you've created.
(Only the ordered articles will be shown*)

Go to the d!NK toolbar and press the Result Summary icon.

The following screen will appear:

Choose a name for the summary and select a created shop from the drop down function.

This will give you the summary of the shop called "Services". You can do this for our first shop "Licenses" as well. This will look like below:

How it looks on tablet:

1) Product List 1: Licenses

2) Product List 2: Services

3) Result Summary

 Using the submit button, we can generate a PDF of our cart summary:

 *Only 28 articles per Product List

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