How to create your own order form


To build the order form, you need the extended version of the powerpoint plugin.

Creating order forms with d!NK is extremely easy. To accomplish this, you need the understanding of the following functions:

Step1: set up the order forms (Product lists).
We will be creating an order form for Medicure, a Pharmaceutical company that sells medical products.

1) The products
We want an order form where we can select the amount of products and view the total price with discounts.

Press the shopping cart icon and fill in the required data. In our case, this would look like below:

Our form is called "Products".

  • Our static column is created for our product names.
  • The amount column will be filled in using the app
  • The Discount column is checked so it will display and calculate the discount per product (in this case: Product A and C have a discount of 10%
  • The Price column is checked to define the right price per ordered product.

The result of this screen will look like the following slide in PowerPoint.

Step2: set up the Result Summary
We will create a summary of the ordered products. Additionally we want a submit button to send the overview as a PDF attached in an email.

2.1) Create the summary.
Press the Cart Summary function and choose the created shop.

You will now have something similar like the screen below:

2.2) Create the submit button.
Create a button in PowerPoint, using the shape tool. Fill it with the text "Submit order".

Next press the submit button icon & choose for the following settings:

You can pre-define an email by filling in the fields (To:, CC:, Subject:, Body:).
In our case, each 'To' field of the email with the order attached, will be set to ""

Press create to complete your button.

To finish, you need to drag your submit button functionality on top of your created button.

From this:

To this:

The final result of our order overview will look like this:

For more information about the submit button, please visit this tutorial.

You've now created your order form!

Below you can see how it looks on the tablet:

Our products form:

Our summary of orders:

The summary is generated as a PDF attached in an email, ready to be sent.

 You can download the final result of the order form here.


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