How to install the Windows app without the App Store - Sideloading


There is a process called sideloading that allows you to test an application before it is available in the Windows Store.

By following these steps you can install the SalesMatik Windows app without going through the Windows Store:

  1. If you already have a SalesMatik version installed on your device via the Windows Store, delete the app first.

  2. Download the zip package that your d!nk customer success manager ( provided you with.


  3. Right-click on the folder > 'Extract All...'


  4. When the zip folder is unpacked, right-click on “Add-AppDevPackage.ps1” and select 'Run with Powershell'


  5. If you get any safety warning, you can press 'Y' to continue:

  6. Enable developer mode (only necessary on Windows 10).

  7. After successful installation, press 'Enter to continue:

  8. The app will now be listed with all other installed apps on your device.


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