How to update a publication or PDF


We have two ways to update a publication or PDF in our admin:

  1. Updating your publication as a new edition, which enables you to change the cover with the new update.
  2. Use the Publish via Email function, explained in this article.

Note: locked/password protected PDFs cannot be published by d!nk portfolio manager. Here's described how to unlock a PDF. 

1. Updating your publication or PDF as a new edition.

Open the publication or PDF you want to update > Press the "New edition" button at the left side of the screen.

Choose for PDF - Video or Interactive publication (.dink)

Give your new edition a name & select the new version you want to upload.
Press submit.


You can choose a custom cover to visualize the new publication on the tablet.

To do this, you need to click on "assets" in the editions overview.

Next, when everything is uploaded, you'll see a new edition in your admin:

The d!nk system will automatically publish your new edition but if you want to speed up things you can also publish your publication manually.

When updating a publication, you can still see the statistics of the previous version by choosing the relevant version or selecting the sum of all editions:



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