How to create pop-up effects in interactive detail aids


You can create pop-up effects using basic PowerPoint functionality.
The d!NK plugin will automatically handle all required code in order to have it work smoothly.

This is how:

1) Open the slide that is in need of a pop-up.

2) Finish designing the slide and duplicate it.
Right click on the slide > Duplicate slide.

3) Insert a rectangle shape to give it the pop-up effect:
Insert > Shapes > Rectangle.

4) Draw a shape on top of your duplicated slide and call up the format shape options.
Right click > Format Shape.

5) The format shape options will appear from the right.
In our example we used solid fill, black as the color and a transparency of 59%.

6) Create the pop-up window.
Add the image, text or video that needs to be called when the popup is active. Use a close icon to return back to the overview. 

7) Set up the links
Add the link from the original slide to the slide with the pop-up.
Here is how you can create links between slides in PowerPoint.

And the link back from the close icon to the overview:

 8) You can download the final result of the PowerPoint here.


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