Fill out PDFs and send them on the go!


d!NK supports fillable PDFs (PDF documents with editable fields). Fill out PDFs in the app and send them out on the spot. No programming is required. And the best part; you can do this offline & online!

To create a fillable PDF you can convert word documents with programmes like Adobe Acrobat or create a fillable PDF in Acrobat or Foxit PDF

For more details, have a look at this great tutorial.


How to fill out the PDF in the app?

Step 1: Upload the PDF like you are used to using Google Drive or the d!nk Portfolio Manager

Step 2: Open the PDF in the App. You'll now be able to fill in the fields.

Step 3: Use the share functionality to add the filled out PDF to the Account Hub or send the filled PDF from the tablet. Don't have an internet access ? No worries, the app will store the request in the tablet and send it once a connection is established.


IMPORTANT NOTE: you can choose to 'flatten' the fillable fields into non-editable fields when sharing the filled out PDF. Check the enterprise settings to enable or disable flattening of PDF files.

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