How to trust d!NK as a developer for your iPad and iPhone apps - Untrusted Enterprise Developer


When installing the d!nk app from a link (not from the appstore) you need to "trust d/nk as a developer" for your iPad/iphone. Otherwise the app will not install.

Please follow the following steps to make sure the app will (keep) working.

  1. Installation
  2. Notification
  3. Settings
  4. General
  5. Device Management

1 - 5: if you start "new"
3 - 5: if you're already working with the latest app or didn't get the notification

1) Installation

Go to our website >”name  of your company”

For example:



2) Notification

Press Dismiss

3) Go to "Settings"

Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages"
Nederlands: klik op "Instellingen"

4) Go to "Settings" > "General"

Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages" > "Général"
Nederlands: Klik op "Instellingen" > "Algemeen"

5) Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Device Management"

  • Click on the "d/nk" app > "Trust d/nk" 
  • A pop up screen will appear > Click on "Trust"

! If you don't find "Device Management", you can search for "profiles" or just click on the option you have under "VPN".



Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages" > "Général" > "Gestion des appareils"

  • Appuyez sur le "d/nk" app > "Faire confiance à d/nk" 
  • Un écran pop up apparaît > Appuyez sur "Trust" ou "Faire confiance"

! Si vous ne trouverez pas "Gestion des appareils", c'est possible que c'est "Certificats" chez vous. Vous trouverez l'option que vous devez utiliser toujours sous "VPN".

Nederlands: Klik op "Instellingen" > "Algemeen" > "Apparaatbeheer"

  • Klik op "d/nk" app > "Vertrouw d/nk" 
  • Een pop up screen verschijnt > Klik op  "Vertrouwen" 

! Indien u "Apparaatbeheer" niet terugvindt, kan u best eens zoeken op "Profielen" of de optie die staat onder VPN.


From now on, your app will open properly.


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