How to trust d!NK as a developer for your iPad and iPhone apps - Untrusted Enterprise Developer


On ios9, when installing a new enterprise app from d!NK you need to trust d/nk as a developer for your iPad. Otherwise the app will not open.

Please follow the following steps to make sure the app will (keep) working.

  1. Installation
  2. Notification
  3. Settings
  4. General
  5. Device Management

1 - 5: if you start "new"
3 - 5: if you're already working with the latest app or didn't get the notification

1) Installation

Go to our website >”name  of your company”

For example:



2) Notification

Press Dismiss

3) Go to "Settings"

Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages"
Nederlands: klik op "Instellingen"

4) Go to "Settings" > "General"

Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages" > "Général"
Nederlands: Klik op "Instellingen" > "Algemeen"

5) Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Device Management"

  • Click on the "d/nk" app > "Trust d/nk" 
  • A pop up screen will appear > Click on "Trust"

! If you don't find "Device Management", you can search for "profiles" or just click on the option you have under "VPN".



Français: Appuyez sur "Réglages" > "Général" > "Gestion des appareils"

  • Appuyez sur le "d/nk" app > "Faire confiance à d/nk" 
  • Un écran pop up apparaît > Appuyez sur "Trust" ou "Faire confiance"

! Si vous ne trouverez pas "Gestion des appareils", c'est possible que c'est "Certificats" chez vous. Vous trouverez l'option que vous devez utiliser toujours sous "VPN".

Nederlands: Klik op "Instellingen" > "Algemeen" > "Apparaatbeheer"

  • Klik op "d/nk" app > "Vertrouw d/nk" 
  • Een pop up screen verschijnt > Klik op  "Vertrouwen" 

! Indien u "Apparaatbeheer" niet terugvindt, kan u best eens zoeken op "Profielen" of de optie die staat onder VPN.


From now on, your app will open properly.


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