How to trust d!nk as a developer for your iOS device - Untrusted Enterprise Developer


When installing the SalesMatik app directly from a link instead of via the App Store, you need to you can get a notification about an Untrusted Enterprise Developer.

To be able to continue the installation, you'll need to "Trust d/nk as a developer" for your iPad / iPhone. 

These steps will guide you through the process:

1. Installation

You have entered the direct URL you have received to install the app on your device, for example

On the screen that opens you clicked on the install-button + 'Install' in the pop-up that appears


2. Notification

At that moment a notification pops-up about an 'Untrusted Enterprise Developer':

Here you can click 'Dismiss'

3. Settings

Click on the 'Settings'-icon on the homepage of your device:


Then choose 'General' - 'Device Management' in the settings menu that has opened:


Click on "d/nk" > "Trust d/nk"


So that a pop-up appears where you can click on 'Trust':




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