How to download responses from surveys (csv) - Survey Event Report


The results of the surveys created (csv) in d!nk and used by the sales force, can be easily downloaded from the admin.

Select a presentation and press the "survey results" icon, as displayed below: 

Through a simple "drag & drop", you can define which fields you want to be present in the report as well as the order in which they will appear in the generated xls file.

The selection and order can be saved as a default in order to ease consecutive report generations. You can obviously change these default settings.

1) click the "Select + Order Attributes" button.

2) A table will appear with all attributes present in the current selection. You can 'drag and drop' those attributes that you do not wish to appear in the Event Report to the right (in the "Unused Columns Table).
You can also re-order the sequence of Attributes in the "Used Columns", this again though 'drag and drop'.

 3) Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can hit the "Submit" button. Your preselection will be saved. A notification will be shown on the screen.

4) In order to finally generate your Event Report, you will need to click the "Submit" button on the "Download Enterprise Event Report" window, after which your report will be generated. You can finally download the report whiwh will contain the attributes (and order) that you have selected.


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