"Customer" function explained


The customer function enables you to load customers and associated data automatically in the app and open sessions with customer.

+ You can use customers to pre-fill forms based on your selected customer.
+ You can record customer sessions and capture information of the flow to improve your sales call.
+ The customer function is a great way to easily load customer information in your publications.

This article describes how to manually upload customers into d!nk. You can also integrate d!nk with your CRM system and load the customers and opportunities from your CRM into d!nk. Details on how to configure the integration here.

General information

Go to the Customers section on admin.

If you don't see this, you might not have the required rights. Contact your supervisor or a dink professional for this.

  1. All customers: The main area of your customers. Here will all your customers be stored.
  2. Groups: Create groups to organize your customers.
  3. States: Create different states to identify the state of the customer.
    For example: "Aware or Interested"
  4. Regions: Create regions to identify the region of the customer. 
  5. Segments: Create and assign segments to customers. 
    For example: "Pharma or Finance"

1) Create customers in the admin
You can create customers manually and automatically by ingest from spreadsheet. We recommend using the last option.

  • Create customers manually
    Start by creating States, Regions and Segments.

    Create Customer States
    Go to States > press the "+" button to add a state.

    Create Customer Region
    Go to Region > press the "+" button to add a Region.

    Create Customer Segments
    Go to Segments > press the "+" button to add a segment.

    Optional: create a group to sort your customers in.
    Create Customer Groups
    Go to Groups> press the "+" button to add a Group.

  • If this is done you're ready to add customers manually
    Go to Main > press the "+" button to add customer. 

    If you're done, you can proceed with step 2.

  • Ingest customers from a spreadsheet
    We recommend using spreadsheets to ingest customers as it will save you a lot of time.

    Please follow this article on how to ingest customers automatically from a spreadsheet.

2) Enable users to view customers

By default all customers are shown to all users in the app. If you want to manage which customers can be viewed by which users you need to set up viewers in the admin. This is a 2 step proces.

Step 1: Set up viewers for each customer
(if you use customer ingest you can set up viewers for all customers at once.)

Select the customer that you want to manage > press viewers and check the user(s) that should see the selected customer.

When everything is done you'll see the amount of "viewers" at the end of the customer's line.

Step2: Set your users to only show their viewers.
Go to users > select the user you want to manage > settings.

Select customer listing where you can decide if the user should see only their own customers, all or all except private customers.

This can also be done with publications. Read how you can hide/show or filter content based on your customer.

3) Use customers in the app

We created a concrete case study: How to use the customer display function


If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact support.

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