User Analytics


IMPORTANT: Due to privacy concerns, analytics on user level are activated after explicit request.


User Analytics display the interactions for a selected user.

In the overview, following functions are available to quickly dive into the detailed analytics of a user:

  1. dropdown to filter on Kiosk or User Group
  2. Search on name of user
  3. Click "view" to open the detailed analytics of the user

The detailed user analytics display all information on the usage of a user:

In the User Analytics, you find:

  1. Shortcuts to show the list of publications this user is subscribed to and this user's sync status. Sync status of the users of this publication shows the publications this user has not downloaded.
  2. View of the sync status of the user: overview of publications not downloaded (synced) to the app of the user. The detailed report of the publications not downloaded and not the latest version can be downloaded in excel, CSV or PDF format by clicking the button.

  3. Quick view of the users' interaction of the publications. Clicking on a publication datapoint will show the interaction of the user with this publication.
  4. Detailed view of the views and duration for each slide of this publication. Clicking on a slide datapoint will show the average duration and number of views for that slide.
  5. View on the daily interactions of all the users. Clicking on a datapoint will show the user's interactions with this publication on the selected day.
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