Kiosk Analytics


The kiosk analytics display the interactions per kiosk. 

In the Kiosk Analytics, you find:

  1. dropdown to switch to other kiosk
  2. Shortcuts to show the list of publications, users and user groups of this kiosk
  3. Overview of the sync status of the users in this kiosk: shows the publications downloaded to the app. Click on the "not downloaded" number to see details of which publications are not available in the app of the user. Click on the buttons 'excel' or 'PDF' to download detailed reports of 
  4. Quick view of the most used publications. Clicking on a publication datapoint will show the list of users that interacted with this publication on that day.
  5. Quick view of the users' interaction, over all the publications. Clicking on a user datapoint will bring you to the User Analytics.
  6. . Clicking on a datapoint will show the users' and publications' interactions on the selected day.
  7. Click on "Download all graphs" to download a powerpoint presentation containing all the enterprise graphs. If you click on "Download pptx graphs", you will receive an e-mail containing a powerpoint presentation with all the graphs included.
  8. Navigate to Subkiosk Analytics .
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