Update documents using the email publisher


The email publisher function enables any manager to update documents by simply mailing them to our admin's email address.

This is a great function when you need to frequently update documents and when you're not behind your desk.

This is how you update documents using email in 3 easy steps:

  1. Assign the correct managers to the kiosk - how to create kiosks - how to create managers.

  2. Open your email provider and send an email with the follow settings:

    - To: publish@dink.eu
    - From: the manager's email address
    - Subject: Name of your enterprise/Name of your kiosk
    - Message: empty
    - Attachment: Your PDF document that you want to update. Important: this needs to have the exact name as the document on the app/admin

    Example: A manager "support@dink.eu" has a pdf called "test.pdf" available in the kiosk "A kiosk" in the enterprise "Kenny_Visterin" Than he needs to send the following email:

    - 1 From: support@dink.eu
    - 2 To: publish@dink.eu
    - 3 Subject: Kenny_Visterin/A kiosk
    - 4 Message: Emtpy
    - 5 Attachment: test.pdf

  3. After sending your email, you'll receive a confirmation of your update. 

Enjoy updating your content with ease!


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