How to use the Advanced HTML option in the d!nk PowerPoint plugin


The Advanced HTML function enables you to load (1) HTML, (2) Javascript or (3) CSS files into your interactive presentation. The advanced HTML function is part of the extended version of the powerpoint plugin.

4. When opening a PPT file on another computer, the link to the advanced HTML file doesn't match anymore as the folder structure is often different from computer to computer. Check this option to use relative links in the Advanced HTML function will set the link to the folder of the PPT and the HTML file. This way you can share a folder across multiple users using Google drive (or something similar) and have the links still work.

Let's say you create a PPT in a Google drive and have the HTML/JS/CSS files in the same folder. Maybe it is in "C:\Users\John\Google Drive\Powerpoint plugin". If you share that folder/file with Tom then the code will change the link so it says "C:\Users\Tom\Google Drive\Powerpoint plugin".

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Please be aware that:

  • The total size of the code for 1 slide can be a maximum of 1MB. If your code is too large, you can resort to minification
  • Your files will be nested within existing dink file structure. You should not include any tags that belong outside of the <body>, such as:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  • When adding multiple Advanced HTML in the same powerpoint file, please take care to
    1. Add the jQuery mobile (CSS and JS) in a different advanced HTML on first slide
    2. Add a prefix (or sufix) for each different id in HTML, CSS and JS. Ex: <div id="slider_cont"> must be id="slider_cont_1" for the first HTML and id="slider_cont_2" for the second and so on;
    3. Add a prefix (or sufix) for each different global variable in JS. Ex: slider_value=0; must be slider_value_1=0; for the first HTML and slider_value_2=0; for the second and so on;
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