"Access to own apps only" setting to restrict access to enterprise content only from enterprise app


You can ensure that the content of your enterprise can only be accessed through the custom enterprise app.

This ensures that users cannot access the enterprise content through the d!nk app in the AppStore

How can you specify which apps have access to which enterprise and kiosks?

1) In the admin, you see in the main screen a tab 'App Ids' where you can select which apps have access.

2) The 'value' property corresponds to the dinkAppKey in https://docs.google.com/a/gwat.be/spreadsheets/d/1cDc3cG1du9fssA9PRS3Br9GmGTTnHR3Rwl_7Dgm7XI8/edit#gid=0

3) select the kiosks that are accessible through this app. If you select no kiosk, we assume that the app to all kiosks in the enterprise has access.

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