CRM - How to prepare & start a session


The Customer function enables you to load customers and associated data automatically in the app.

Using customers in the app will save you a lot of time:

  • You can use customers to pre-fill forms & surveys based on your selected customer.
  • You can record customer sessions and capture information of the flow, not only to retrieve the history of interactions with a customer but also to automatically create your meeting report in CRM.

1. Login to CRM

When you open the app for the first time, you have to log in to your CRM: enter your username and password on your CRM system (for d!nk admins: more information about set up of authentication of CRM can be found here.)

2. Start using CRM

  1. To open your CRM in the app you need to click on the 'customer icon'

  2. When you have opened your CRM, you can find an overview of your accounts. To search for accounts you can filter using different dropdowns.

  3. Now you can select an account to find more information. The lay out of this screen will depend on the sales flow of your company. Typically you would select an account and on the right side you will find information about the account and contacts associated with this account. In case you have uploaded pdf documents to the account or contact in CRM, you can open these documents from the documents list (2).

    When you have selected a contact you can immediately create an appointment (1)  

  4. When you open an account you can see all the different contacts of this account. When you have selected a contact you can immediately prepare or start a meeting. 

    Prepare a meeting:
    Before you can prepare a meeting, you will have to create an appointment for this meeting.

    Now you can choose 'prepare a meeting'.

    You will see the list of kiosks and your 'customer session' icon will be orange. Open the kiosk with the publications you want to show to this customer. Add publications to your preparation by selecting them. You can select publications from multiple kiosks.

    When you're finished selecting publications, you have to tap the orange Customer icon. You will see the CRM again where you can save the preparation for the contact. 

    Start a meeting
    When you want to start your session (customer meeting), you have to search for the appointment you created when you prepared the meeting. You can find the details of your prepared content on the right side. If you want you can still edit this content by adding or deleting publications.

    When you have started a session, you will see immediately your prepared kiosk. The icon has become green now.
    You can also navigate to publications that you didn't prepare.

    When you're customer session is finished, you have to tap the green Customer icon. You will see the CRM again where you can end the customer session.

    When you stop the meeting, your visit report will immediately be created. 

     These visit analytics will show you;

    • Publications shown and duration (from-to date)
    • Surveys submitted
    • Pictures taken
    • Account hubs shared

    You can update the information on the opportunity or add comments about a shown publication.
    When you hit "save to CRM" your visit report will be sent straight to CRM. 

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