Prepare & Start session with Customer


The Customer function enables you to load customers and associated data automatically in the app.

Using customers in the app will save you a lot of time:

  • You can use customers to pre-fill forms & surveys based on your selected customer.
  • You can record customer sessions and capture information of the flow, not only to retrieve the history of interactions with a customer but also to automatically create your meeting report in CRM.

The Customer function can work stand-alone in the d!nk app, or integrated with your CRM. 

In case your CRM is integrated with the d!nk app, you will see "Login to CRM" in the Customer screen, after wich you can enter your username and password on your CRM system.

Engaging with customers consists of 2 steps: Prepare Session and Start Session.

1. Prepare Session: select publications to show to a customer

Select an opportunity from the list of opportunities related to a contact. Hit the 'Prepare Session'-button and you will see the list of kiosks. Select the kiosk with the publications you want to show to this customer. You can select publications from multiple kiosks.

Tap the orange Customer icon and you will see the Customer screen again where you can save the preparation for the Opportunity. 

2. Start Session: the actual customer interaction

  1. Select the Customer function
  2. Select the Customer you want to start your session with or search for Customer. If your customer is not listed, you can add a customer (see below)
  3. Depending on the available fields (from your CRM or from d!nk), you can update fields or add notes
  4. Press the start session to start your customer session.

After you’ve added a customer and you’ve started a session, you’ll see on the front page of your app that the icon has become green.

If you now click on the green icon, you can see how long the session is already going on and you can also stop the session.

In case of integration with CRM, you will see an overview of the interactions during the session with the customer:

  • Publications shown and duration (from-to date), showing the
  • Surveys submitted
  • Pictures taken
  • Account hubs shared

You can update the information on the opportunity or add contextual information to a shown publication.

After you press "Stop Session", You can choose an appointed from the CRM calendar or create a New appointment. 


3. Add a new customer

(1) Click on the (+) on the left side of your screen.
(2) Fill in all the fields
(3) Click on “Add Customer”
(4) Once the customer has been added to the customer list “Add Customer” will change into “Start Session”


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