The d!nk windows app explained


To get started, you need to install the Windows app. More information about the installation and log in to the app can be found here.

When you are successfully logged in, you will see the landingpage of the app.


  1. If you are a Windows 10 user, you will see a white taskbar on top. Clicking the  icon will make the app appear in full-screen. If you are a Windows 8 user, the app will automatically be full-screen. You can also put the tablet in "tablet mode" in the right hand menu. 
  2. Tapping the enterprise icon always brings you back to the landingspage.
  3. Here you find your key publications. These are the publications that the company has selected as most relevant or most important to your business on a daily basis. These shortcuts make it easier for you to know where the focus needs to be. (for admins, Learn how to set up your key publications here).
  4. The "Publications" button will bring you to your library of publications/documents. These publications can be divided over many "kiosks", which you will see explained lower in this tutorial.
  5. The Favorites icon will bring you to the Favorites kiosk (only visible if you have added publications to the Favorites iosk). Discover More...
  6. The Customer Interaction Insights show you the Account Hub Insights and Surveywonders
    Account Hub Insights icon will open the overview of the active Account Hubs you have created. (If you do not see this button, it means that your company has disabled the Account Hub functionality). Discover More...
    Surveywonders provides insights in the responses to surveys included in the sales publications, be it a survey on a customer event, need mapping in a pitchbook or any other interactive elements. Discover More...
  7. In Settings you find more information on the app and you can manage your languages. Discover More..
  8. In the newsfeed section you can easily stay informed on whatever is important to you as an employee of the company. Here you may find news on new product launches, press articles, new colleagues joining the company, a special campaign, etc... You can click the preview or "read more" button to open the article. (for admins, Learn how to create newsfeed messages here).
  9. In the Recently viewed section you will find all the publications that you have used recently, in a chronological order. This makes it easy to remember what you have discussed with your customer(s) earlier.
  10. In the New publications section you can see a chronological list of all the publications that have been made available to you by the company. The newest items are always on top. You can also see in what kiosk they are located and when they were launched to your app.
  11. Tap the Customers icon to go to the customers / CRM panel (if enabled by your company), it is possible to update customer details and start a session. Discover More...

Kiosk view

By clicking the "Publications" button from the landingpage, you will open your full library of publications/documents. 

All the square thumbnails you find here, are publications. There are many types of publications (PDF, video, images, website, interactive presentation or tool). If a publication has a red line on top, it means that you do not have it installed. By clicking it, it will start downloading and change the red line to green. If the line is green, it means you have it installed and can use it also when you have no internet connection. If a green line turns into an orange line, this means there is an update available for this publication.

The publications are organised in Kiosks and Collections. In the example below, you see that there are 2 collections (d!nk General Documents, Product Descriptions). Collections are created and managed by your company.

  1. The home button will bring you back to the Landingpage.
  2. Tap the "Publications" button to access other kiosks containing more publications. The way these kiosks are structured and in which kiosks the publications are placed, is decided by the company administrator. If you do not have a kiosks button, it means you only have access to 1 kiosk. 
  3. The "Account Hub" button allows you to share as many publications as you like with your customers. Discover More...
  4. Favorites: Select publications to add to favorite kiosk. Discover More...
  5. If the "Sync" button is flashing, this means the app is trying to get some new content/information from the server, or it is sending out some data to the server. If you want to manually synchronize the app, you can tap the sync button. By default, the app will sync automatically each time you restart the app.
  6. Public/Confidential: By default, you are in public mode. This means that all content that you have, can be shown to customers. It can be that your company has also uploaded "Confidential" documentation, not be shown to anyone outside the company. You can unlock confidential content by switching the public/private button in the lower right corner. Discover More...
  7. Search: Enter a search term to find a publication. 



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