How to use PDF in the Windows app


We have greatly improved the PDF functionality in our iOS & Windows app. Here we will explain how you can benefit & use these great functions:

To start: tap anywhere in a PDF document to call up the menu.

If you click on "Annotations", you'll get functionalities to add & edit text in your PDF:

1. Add Comments

2. Highlight Text

3. Underline Text

4. Striketrough.

5. Set Text for correction

6. Add Signature

7. Draw

8. Add text

9. Draw lines

10. Select Text

11. Close the edit view


You can search for any text in your PDF. Fill in the text you want to find and our search function will highlight the text in the PDF:

Add comments


Highlight text

Create a signature & save it as "My Signature"

Next, tap any place in the PDF to add your signature.
Select the signature to replace its position.


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