The document generator explained


What is the document generator?

The document generator can be used to create beautiful documents which can be sent to your customers on the spot.

This is how the Document Generator works:

  1. You're using a calculator, order form, survey or another publication (created with the PowerPoint plugin) in the app.
  2. Instead of making a print screen of the answers given by your customer or writing everything down on a piece of paper, you can now send a document (offer, summary, simulation) with the results straight away and avoid administrative work afterwards. 

  3. The output (read: results/responses) can be send immediately to yourself and the customer in a template that you've chosen. You can even add your logo, page numbering, legal notices and choose what values should be displayed based on the input from the customer.


How to open the document generator?

1. Go to

2. Select the Kiosk in which the publication is stored - that you'd like to create a document for.

3. Select the relevant publication and click the icon "Document Generator".

 4. When you've opened the Document Generator, you can create a new template. Discover more ...



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