How to create a publication that opens a webpage (Weblink publication)


The publication called "Weblink" allows you to create a publication that will open a website in the in-app browser.

Select the kiosk where the weblink publication needs to be published, set a cover (optionally) and insert the link to the webpage that needs to be opened when tapping the cover.

You could also use the Weblink publication to show an online video. Just insert a link to a MP4 file on the internet and the video will start to play when tapping the cover in the app.

If you need to change the weblink, open the edition and click "change URL".


You can also sync Weblinks using the Google Drive sync. In Windows file explorer, create a shortcut to a webpage and d!nk will create a weblink publication in that kiosk/collection. 

Note: the sync of weblinks only works for Windows PCs, unfortunately not for Mac.

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