Launch Panel: launch campaigns and track adoption


The launch panel allows you to launch a sales campaign and track the adoption of the supporting sales tools. 

For instance, a campaign for a new industry is launched at the sales kick-off. The new campaign is supported by an interactive presentation and a simulator. During the sales kick-off, extensive training is provided of these tools.
From the launch panel, send an email to all sales people part of the campaign, and check if they download and use the supporting sales tools.

This is how to use the launch panel:

1. Go to and click "Launch Panel" in the left sidebar

2. The Launch panel opens. Set a title for the campaign. 

3. The audience that will receive the invitation email are based on kiosks: select the kiosk(s) that contain the campaign publications. All users assigned to those kiosks will receive the invitation email

4. Select the publications used in this campaign. The usage of these publications by the target group will be tracked.

5. Set an email subject.

6. Insert the content of the invitation email. You can insert a link in the text, and the clicks on this link will also be tracked.

7. Set the launch date of the invitation email

In order to track the usage of the sales tools, click "View Messages"

1. Select your campaign

2. You then have the option to duplicate the campaign and launch another campaign

3. to view the adoption statistics, click "Stats" button

4. the d!nk analytics open.
The Lauch Waterfall statistics show which users have opened the email, clicked a link in the email, logged into the app, downloaded at least one of the tracked publications, and submitted at least one survey.


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