Share documents via the Account Hub


 To send an Account Hub with relevant information to your customer, follow these steps: 

1. Add document(s) to the Account Hub

You can simply share publications from the app by pressing the Account Hub button in the toolbar and selecting all relevant publications - out of multiple libraries when needed:


A red number with the added documents will appear, indicating how many documents have been added to the Account Hub.
Clicking on the icon once more will end the selecting of the documents and show a pop-up menu to 'Add content' or to 'Send the Account Hub': 


2. Send Account Hub

When the documents have been selected and you have clicked on the Account Hub-icon a pop-up menu will give the option to 'Send Account Hub'. After clicking this option an email screen appears: 


Where you can

  1.  enter the name and mail address of the recipient 
  2. add more recipients
  3. choose the message language of the predefined (by the admin) invitation email
  4. add / edit the standard message (defined by the user in the app settings)
  5. preview the mail that will be sent
  6. choose more files from your device
  7. remove files so that they are not sent

3. Customer access to Account Hub

The customer will receive a message with a link to this personal Account Hub environment to access the shared documents from any device: 


The customer can now view, download or print the documents or share them with colleagues.


4. Good to know

When you (as a sales person A) create an Account Hub for customer A on day X, the same Account Hub will be used if you send documents to customer A on day X + 5 for example. A new folder with the date X +5 will be created and the customer can open the documents from the same link.

If another sales person (colleague B) shares documents with the same customer (customer A), this will also be a separate folder for customer A in the same Account Hub environment. The sales person B will only see the interactivity of customer A from his shared documents, not from the other sales person A.

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