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The salesperson simply shares the required content from the app and the Account Hub is created in matter of seconds. When a document is opened or shared from the Account Hub, the salesperson sees that information in the Account Hub activity screen. 


The customer or prospect receives an invitation mail and can access the Account Hub with shared documents from any device. By creating one place where all content is being shared from the sales person to the customer, you’re sure to always have up-to-date and relevant information at hand. 


1. Add document to Account Hub

The user (salesperson) simply shares publications from the app by pressing the Account Hub button in the kiosk toolbar and selecting publications. Pressing the Account Hub button one more time adds the selected publications to the Account Hub.




2. Send Account Hub

Next, press the Account Hub icon in the kiosk toolbar to invite your customer to the created Account Hub. Enter the name of the customer, email address and prepare a message and send the Account Hub. 
Multiple addresses: If you had a meeting with more than one person, you can easily add multiple e-mailaddresses by seperating them with a semicolumn.

(1) select Secure Login if you want to set up an Account Hub with login and password. Without secure login, a link to the account hub will be sent to the customer.

(2) delete publications from the Account Hub to be sent out

(3) set an expiry to automatically remove publications from the Account Hub

(4) Define and add a standard message to be shown the next time you want to send out a new Account Hub. You can change the standard message at any time by clicking on "edit standard message" or send a message without a body when swiping the slider "edit standard message" from right to left.

(5) Select the name of the Account Hub from the list of previously created Account Hubs. 

(6) If customers has been enabled, you can choose a customer name customer name will be pre-filled when a customer has been selected in the Customer Page




3. Customer access to Account Hub

This is how the message looks like for the customer receiving the documents in the Account Hub:


The customer or prospect receives an invite mail and can access the shared documents from any device. Customer can view, download or print documents and share with colleagues via email.

When you (as a sales person) create a Account Hub for customer A on day X, the same Account Hub will be used if you send documents to customer A on day X + 5 for example. A new folder with the date X +5 will be created, but the customer can open the documents from the same link.

If another sales person (B) shares documents with the same customer (customer A), this will also be a seperated folder for customer A. The sales person B will only see the interactivity of customer A from his Account Hub, not from the other sales person A.

Account Hubs are created based on user (sales person) and customer (customer e-mail).

Customers will always have the opportunity to switch between different Account Hubs that have been shared with him.

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