Account Hub: insights in customer activity


Once you've shared a publication with a customer by creating an Account Hub, it will give you insights in how your customer interacts with the shared documentation.

1. Access the Account Hub Manager

  • On the app landing page, press the "Account Hub Manager" button at the bottom left.


    Click on 'My Account Hubs' in the pop-up that appears.  

  • Or you can open a browser, go to and log in with the same credentials you use for the app.

2. Overview Page

The overview page shows you the most recent activity in the 'Activity' funnel and the campaign messages that are sent:


When scrolling down, you will also come across the Timeline and all Contacts you have sent Account Hubs to: 



3. Details

To view the activity for a specific contact, click on the contact's name to find all of the details:


By clicking on the available information, you will get more details:

  • The specific message that was sent, 
  • The exact pages the customer has checked from the content you have shared,
  • The timeline for this specific person.

4. Archive / Revoke access

Whenever you want to disable an Account Hub for a contact person, you can archive it at anytime: 


If you want to revoke access to a specific document, you can go to the relevant document for this contact person and click on the dropdown arrow:



5. Updated publications

You are in control of pushing updates of publications to your customers. For some documents (datasheets, manuals,...) it makes sense to update the publication to the latest version. For other documents (pricelist, process description), you might prefer to keep the version shared with your customer during the meeting.

Anyway, notifying your prospect of a new version is a good way to trigger interest and bring your project to the attention again.

Click on the 'Update'-icon on top of your screen and remove the notification or approve the update by clicking on the 'Update'-icon once more in the pop-up that appears:



6. Alerts

Control the alerts you receive about your Account Hub activity in the settings of the Account Hub Manager: 


For each of these topics: 



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