How to create an article for the app newsfeed


This new features enables you to communicate with the people on the road.

How to put corporate news in the app?

1. Go to

2. Open “Newsfeed” on your left side under "Communications"

3. Select your Audience

Only the users assigned to the kiosks you selelect will see this news message.

4. Choose a message title

This title will be displayed in the app newsfeed with a picture and “read more” button

5. Insert newsfeed image

You can insert a link to a video or image, or drag & drop an image from your computer into the "drop image here" zone.

6. Link to external news

In case the text of your news message is available on a weblink, you can insert the link. Please make sure this link is accessible for the users of the app (if the link is on intranet, it could be the users do not have access when they open the d!nk app)

6. Add text, videos, formatting etc

In case you create a new article, you can copy text and images from another source (word document for instance) or just start writing the text and insert images. You can format the text with the toolbar buttons, similar to Word editing.

7. Add a link to publication

Especially for a message announcing the launch of a new publication, a direct link to the publication is very powerful. Go to "insert" and select "publication mention". You will see a list of the publications available in the kiosks selected in "audience". 

8. Message time

Choose as from when the news should be displayed on the app. Optionally, you can also set an expiry time, after which the message will be hidden.

9. Watch the result in your app

In case you want to start from an existing  news article, click "view messages" to see the previously sent messages. Select a message and hit "duplicate". A new message is now available based on a previous message.

In case you want to hide or delete an existing news article, hit the "Hide" or "Delete" button.

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