How to use the customer function


The customer function let's you track data of a specific customer. It's also possible to display certain content, based on that customer.

From the app you can:

  • Start customer sessions
  • Add new customers
  • Edit customers

1) Start a customer session

Start the customer session by sliding the app from the bottom to the middle. This will bring up the toolbar. You'll see the customer function in the upper left corner.

Press the customer function to open your customer interface:


Swipe from the bottom to the middle to bring up the customer toolbar:

Press start session to begin your customer session, press stop session to end it:

Press the customer session to view details of the current session:


2) Edit a customer

You can easily edit the credentials of a customer from the app.

Select a customer and press 'edit' from the toolbar:

The customer edit screen will be shown. Press confirm to save your changes.

3) Add a new customer

You can easily add a new customer from the app. Open the toolbar and press the 'add' button. The customer add screen will be shown.

Use the dropdown features to easily add your customer:

Press 'confirm' to add your customer.

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