How to whitelist d!nk when facing issues in usage - Proxy and Anti-virus


If you're having problems using the Portfolio Manager (for example: can't upload content or some of the covers are not showed correctly) or while working with the SalesMatik app (for example: some publications can't open) your IT administrator will need to white-list the URL's that are being used by d!nk in the proxy or Antivirus.

White-listing of URL in Proxy

We use the following domains:


for Dynamic Value, values are fetched by calling an API at
We're using a GET request but this is preceded by an OPTIONS request.
The OPTIONS method must be allowed by the configuration.

the d!nk app does not use client certificates and certificate pinning.

Specifically for the Windows app, we have incorporated NTLMv2 into the d!nk app to allow authentication through the corporate proxy settings.

White-listing in Anti-Virus

System admin must set "dink.exe" as an exception in the anti-virus. Because dink does contain some encryption code, the Anti-virus could be marking dink as false positive (thinks dink is "ransomware"). Example:

If whitelisting needs to happen based on filepath, then it is advised to whitelist both the LocalContentFolder and ApplicationFolder, example:
- C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\dINKbvba.dNK_83grspkmw1tr2
- C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\dINKbvba.dNK_1.2.0.166_x64__83grspkmw1tr2
In order to avoid updating the whitelist after each app update, it is advised to whitelist using wildcard \dINKbvba.*


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