Dynamic Value explained


Dynamic Value opens the d!nk publications to external data during a customer meeting.

For instance: 

  • type in a product name and show the prices of the components
  • type in a company number and show the financial figures
  • type in an employee name and display the coaching score

Dynamic Value allows you not only to retrieve data but also to save new data collected during the customer meeting. For instance:

  • store the customer requested discount on the price
  • add updated financial figures for an enterprise
  • add new coaching scores for an employee

The data is stored in the Dynamic Value database. This feature makes it possible to save data in a publication so you can see it again after closing and opening the publication.

For creating and updating the Dynamic Value database, we use convenient Google sheets inside the synced enterprise folders.


  • Retrieve data from the Dynamic Value database managed from a spreadsheet
  • Save the input of survey elements to the Dynamic Value database
  • Create new “records” to save more data


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