How to set up the sync with Google Drive


For managing large amounts of publications, you can use the syncronisation with Google Drive to manage the publications on d!nk Portfolio Managers from the folders on your computer. This makes using Google Drive an easy way to drag and drop sales documents into a folder on your computer and automatically push them to your Portfolio Manager and d!nk App.



After your enterprise is set up by your Customer Success Manager, you will see a folder structure in Google Drive:

  1. Approvals: this folder contains the sheets with Approval Authorities and Workflows when the Email Approval function is activated. Discover More...
  2. Customers: when the syncing of customer lists from Drive is activated, this folder contains sheets with customer lists
  3. Compliances: this folder contains sheets with the Compliance Authorities
  4. DinkTrash: this folder contains the files deleted from kiosks
  5. Kiosks: this folder contains the kiosks and collections and publications synced with Kiosks on the Portfolio Manager. Discover More....
  6. PDFFromForms: this folder contains backups of the PDFs generated from the Submit buttons included in interactive publications. Discover More...
  7. SearchableSpreadsheets: contains the sheets for creating the database behind the Dynamic Value. Discover More...
  8. Surveys: results of surveys appear here
  9. Users: This folder contains 2 user related data:
    • when syncing of user lists via sheets is activiated, then this folder contains the sheets with user lists. Discover more...
    • when Google Drive sync per user is activated, then this folder also contains for each synced user a folder with the Documents Generated by users. Discover More...

Note: old Drive Sync setups might still include the obsolete folders "Billing" and "Statistics"

d!nk will automatically scan all sync folders every 24 hours and consequently publish the new publications and remove deleted publications. You can also manually sync the folders, as explained here.

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