Add formatting (CSS style) to publication



Do you want your sliders, buttons, input fields or the whole lay-out of your publications in accordance with your corporate style?

With this option you're able to add a CSS style to your publications.

This is very usefull when you already have a corporate style guide in house and you want to copy paste this to all your publications.

What should the CSS stylesheet look like?

Create a stylesheet and define the classes on which these stylings should be applied on.

 An example will follow soon.

How to upload a CSS style?

1. Go to

2. Click on "Assets" > "Stylesheet"

3. Choose stylesheet and click "upload"


Once uploaded, you still need to select on which publications this should be applied.


4. Select the publication

5. Go to Settings ("edit")

6. Check "Use enterprise stylesheet"

7. Repeat step 4 and 6 for other publications


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