Waterfall Statistics on campaign launches


When launching a sales campaign with the d!nk Launch Panel, the tracking of the adoption of the sales tools is very important. You want to be sure the new sales tools are downloaded onto the tablets of your users in the field, and take action to notify users that did not download the latest version.

Waterfall statistics provide insight how the user base is adopting one or more publications that are part of a sales campaign.

The adoption is measured as a waterfall

  • users invited by email from the Launch Panel
  • users that have opened the email
  • users that clicked a link in the invitation email
  • users that logged into the app
  • users that downloaded at least one of the tracked publications
  • users that submitted at least one survey in the tracked publications

These elements of the waterfall allow to launch a campaign consisting of the installation of a new app, download the publications and fill out a first survey.

This is how the Waterfall stats look in d!nk Analytics:

1. Click on Launches to open the overview of campaigns launched in the Launch Panel

2. Select the campaign, and the Waterfall is displayed

3. Click on a step in the adoption waterfall, and the list of users that have passed and not passed the step are listed.

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