The News Hub explained


The News Hub pushes relevant information to the right sales person in the field. Say goodbye to corporate newsletters, intranet and mail blasts. The newsfeed tailored to each sales person’s need-to-know keeps you up-to-date of best practices and must-know updates about customers, competitors and products.


The d!nk News Hub allows to communicate with users in the field, launch sales campaigns and critical system alerts. 

  1. Newsfeed enables you to communicate with the people on the road by creating corporate news items. Discover More...
  2. Launch panel: launch a sales campaign and track the adoption of the supporting sales tools by the user group.  Discover More...
  3. System Alerts: d!nk sometimes sends out system messages to inform about system information like compatibility of the d!nk app with new iPad versions, or unavailability of the system for emergency reasons. It is important that relevant persons in the enterprise organisation are informed of these critical messages. Discover more...
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