Explaining the d!nk CRM Connector


The d!nk CRM connector is a standardised module to connect your CRM system to d!nk for exchanging the information collected in customer sessions (publications shown, collected surveys results, pictures) with the CRM entities (Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Appointments, Activities and custom entities).

The CRM Connector is a general d!nk module which makes integration with CRM systems very straightforward. A specific CRM Connector is configured to connect your CRM and your business flows to d!nk. For Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com CRM, we have pre-configured connectors available and for other CRM systems can be made on project basis. 



These are the steps to use the d!nk CRM Connector:

  1. Configure the CRM connector. Discover More....
  2. Assign users or user groups to CRM configuration. Discover More...
  3. Use the d!nk app to prepare and start a customer session and send the collected info to CRM. Discover More...


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