How to use PDF in the iOS App


We have greatly improved the PDF functionality in our iOS & Windows app. Here we will explain how you can benefit & use these great functions:

STEP 1: Open a PDF and swipe from left to right to activate the navigation menu.

1) Go back to the home page of the app

2) Uninstall PDF

3) Search text in PDF

4) Add to Account Hub 

You can use the Account Hub platform to share documents with your customers.

!! If the Account Hub has been disabled, this icon will be replaced by this one:   Mail your PDF.

You can e-mail the PDF directly to your client by clicking on this icon.

Your e-mail program will open and allow you to choose a "to" address, "cc" and bcc", add a body/text and send the PDF as an attachment.

 ! This is only possible if you've allowed this in your kiosk settings ==> the checkbox should be checked.

5) Display one or two pages next to each other

6) Edit PDF

7) History function: go back to another recently opened publication (history)

STEP 2: Select Edit PDF (6th icon)

STEP 3: You'll now see a new navigation bar on top as well

STEP 4: Start editting your PDF

  1. Add comments in any PDF
  2. Highlight important text
  3. Strike through text for quick feedback.
  4. Underline text
  5. Add your signature on any document in a few taps.
  6. Draw on any PDF to grab your customer's attention.
  7. Select any adjustments and replace them.
  8. Close the edit view.

  1. Erase your adjustments.
  2. Add your own text
  3. Draw arrows 


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