Account Hub settings


Select Account Hub and sharing settings to configure the way publications are shared from the app and customise the Account Hub for your enterprise.

1. General settings

  1. When customers receive an invitation to visit the Account Hub, a link with additional information is displayed on the login page. The link is defined in the More Information settings.
  2. Central mailbox: for compliance reasons, a general email address can be added that will receive a copy of all Account Hub messages sent out.

2. Customer Consent

As the Account Hub involves tracking of information shared with customers, we advise to inform customers of how this information is used and their privacy is protected. 

When Customer Consent is activated, customers will have to accept the "Terms of Use" upon first login into the Account Hub. The terms of user can at any time be consulted in the Account Hub.

In the Enterprise settings of the d!nk portfolio manager, you can activate the Customer Consent. d!nk has provided a standard privacy statement, that can be adapted for your enterprise.

In case you want the Terms of Use to point to another webpage (for instance the corporate privacy statement on your website), you can delete the provided text and only insert the weblink, for instance 

3. General sharing settings

1. In the Account Hub sharing settings, you select to protect the access to the Account Hub:

  • Secure Account Hub: login and password is required to view the account hub
  • Open Account Hub: the account hub can be opened without login

In the "Account Hub and Sharing settings" on enterprise level, you set the default sharing method: 

  • Disable sharing: publications can not be shared from the app
  • Allow sharing by email: publications can only be shared by email from the app
  • Allow sharing by Account Hub: publications can only be shared by Account Hub from the app
  • Allow sharing by email and Account Hub: publications can be shared by email and Account Hub

Additionally, you can set Open or Secure login to the Account Hub.

For the Secure Account Hub, it is possible to set an additional level of security to make sure the password is created by the owner of the email address associated to the Account Hub: request the customer to enter a verification code sent to the email address provided.

2. Still, the general sharing settings can be switched off on publication or on kiosk level (see below). With the setting "New publications are shared", you can choose the default sharing settings for new publications. When you switch off "New publications are shared", then sharing for newly uploaded publications will be disabled and needs to be activated in the publication settings (see below).

4. Sharing settings on publication or kiosk

You can overrule the enterprise settings and disable or enable the sharing setting of the enterprise.
You can either do this on kiosk level or publication level. Select settings of the kiosk or publication. You will see the enterprise sharing setting (in example below it is email and account hub) and by checking or unchecking you define the sharing setting on kiosk or publication level.

Important Note: for interactive publications (.dink) you need to enable "Send as PDF by Email" if you want the publication to be shareable. 


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