Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

You have to be able to trust that your personal data is being processsed in a careful and confidential manner. Therefore we implemented Terms and conditions for the use of the app and the Account Hub.

How to set Terms and conditions?

1) Go to admin.dink.eu

2) Select "enterprise settings"

3) Enable and edit "User Terms of Use" to set Terms & Conditions for the usage of the app (your sales force).

4) Enable and edit "Account Hub Terms of Use" for the usage of the Account Hub (your clients).


User Terms of Use

1) User can find the Terms and Conditions under "settings" of the app.

2) Privacy Statement can be read from this option.


Account Hub Terms of Use

1) Client receives an e-mail that documents are shared.

2) Client logs into the Account Hub website.

3) Client gets a notification the first time documents are shared to him/her with Terms and Conditions & if these Terms and Conditions are changed along the way.

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