Manage Account Hubs: transfer and delete account hubs


Sales people (users) get insights in the activity in the Accounts Hub they created.

For managing the Account Hubs across users, we introduce the role of Account Hub Manager. Typically, Sales Managers or District Managers will take the role of Account Hub manager.

Enteprise managers can assign the Account Hub manager role to existing managers or create new Account Hub managers from the "manager" panel. After creating account hub managers, you can assign users (sale people) to the account hub managers (sales managers).


When Account Hub managers log into the d!nk portfolio manager (, they will be able to manage the Account Hubs created by the users assigned to them.

1) Overview of Account Hubs and shared publications: Hover over "Own Account Hubs" and a list of the Account hubs will appear. Hover over an Account Hub and the list of sessions and associated publications will appear

2) Select a user to manage the Account Hubs associated with this user

  • Transfer Account hubs to other user, for instance a sales person leaves the company
  • Share Account Hubs to other users, for instance a sales person goes on holidays
  • Unshare  Account Hubs, for instance a sales person is back from holidays
  • Delete inactive Account Hubs


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