d!nk analytics report: send back collected customer interaction


The d!nk analytics report contains all the information collected during the customer session about what content has been shown (publication views), the interactions (survey results), the Account Hubs shared with customers and even the pictures taken during the session.

The d!nk analytics report holds following info:

  • List of Publications Views
    • Title of the publication
    • Start Time of showing publication
    • End Time of showing publication
    • Comment
    • List of shown pages
  • List of Surveys filled at meeting
    • Name of the survey
    • Comments
    • List of Survey results
      • Name of the question
      • Value (answer)
  • List of Account Hubs created for customer
    • Url of the Account Hub
    • Email of the customer
    • Message to the customer
    • List of shared publications
      • Title of the publication
      • Comment
  • List of Pictures (documents) taken at meeting
    • Including comments for each picture

Off-line support

All data fetched from CRM can be stored locally on device and can be accessible in off-line mode. This includes metadata of entities defined by business flow. List if entities stored locally as well as metadata of entities will be synchronized with the rest of synchronization processes in the dInk app (starting application, manually triggered synchronization). All entities created in the dInk app in off-line mode will be created on CRM in synchronization process when app goes in on-line mode.

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