Contents analytics


When opening the d!nk Analytics:


You will find a menu bar at the left for the details per topic. 
The fourth one is about the 'Contents': 


In the 'Contents' menu you can use the filter on top of the overview to search for the relevant publication. Once found, you can open the details by clicking on the mceclip3.png underneath 'Actions' to check:

  1. Sync Status
  2. Unsynced Users
  3. Content Slide Interaction
  4. Content Users' Interaction
  5. Content's Interaction

1. Sync Status

With this pie chart, you'll find out immediately the synced status of this publication:


2. Unsynced Users

You want to know the exact users that have not yet synced this content, in the table you will find the complete list: 


3. Content Slide Interaction

All details on the usage of the publications can be found in this graph:


Based on the legend, you will see the
visits of sales - visits in Account Hubs - average duration by sales - average duration in Account Hubs

mceclip2.png -  mceclip3.png - mceclip4.png - mceclip5.png

Hoovering over the bars or dots will display the exact visits and duration. 
If you want to zoom in on some slides, you can adapt the slider bar on top by moving the buttons at the left and/or right: 


4. Content Users' Interaction

In this graph you will see the interaction of the users in this publication, for the selected timeframe:


By hoovering over one of the users bar in the graph, you will get all of the details presented for that timeframe. 

5. Content's Interaction

Overall usage of this publication by the sales and in the Account Hubs can be monitored here, for a selected timeframe to be chosen with the dropdown at the left top: 


Hoovering over the dots on the lines will display the exact duration. 
Clicking on the info boxes, will generate a pop-up with the users that worked with this publication.

If you want to adapt the timeframe even more specific than the options available in the dropdown, you can adapt the slider on top of the graph by moving the buttons at the left and/or right.

Want to find out more? Go to the next article about the 5th menu: Users analytics


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