User Groups analytics


When opening the d!nk Analytics:


You will find a menu bar at the left for the details per topic. 
The sixth one is about the 'User Groups': 


In the 'User Groups' menu you can open the details of the relevant group by clicking on the mceclip3.png underneath 'Actions' to check:

  1. Member & Library Overview
  2. User Group Interaction
  3. Content Usage
  4. Content Slide Interaction

1. Member & Library Overview

This overview will tell you straight away the number of users, their names and the assigned libraries: 


2. User Group Interaction

This graph will show you the activity from the entire user group for the last 90 days - 6 months - last year - all time: 


Hoovering over the dots on the lines will display the exact duration. 
Clicking on them, will generate a pop-up with the users involved and the publications used. 

If you want to adapt the timeframe even more specific than the options available in the dropdown, you can adapt the slider on top by moving the buttons at the left and/or right:



3. Content Usage

You want to know what publications this user group is using the most? 


With the dropdown at the left you can select the timeframe of your choice. 
By hoovering over one of the bars in the graph, you will get the exact timing details presented for that publication.

By sliding the buttons up or down wards, you can zoom in on the presentations you want to see: 


With the dropdown in the middle of the graph, you can choose the order: 



4. Content Slide Interaction

How is this user group in general working with a specific publication? 


Check out the number of visits and the average duration spent per slide.
For larger presentations you can zoom in or out by moving the grey buttons at the top of the graph to the left and/or right.

Want to find out more? Go to the next article about the 7th menu: Personal statistics


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